Garlic Peeling Machine in APS industries

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The automatic garlic peeling machine is designed to peel dry garlic which adopts pneumatic principle. It can automatically peel the shell of the garlic clove without soaking and meanwhile there is no damage to the garlic at all. The peeling rate can reach at 95% In this all type of Indian garlic are suitable in peeling operation with 95% Accuracy garlic peeler machine is new invention in India on our company with fully Indian make machine with export standard quality.


New Big Garlic Peeling machine sale on our company making new peeling machine in garlic food processing. this New Big Garlic Peeling machine sale on market. this garlic peeling line capacity is per hour 300 kg. this garlGarlic peeling machine
This garlic peeling machine is remove the skin out of the garlic clove. Machine made from carbon steel, it need to match with air compressor to work.

APS is big production of peel garlic capacity garlic peeling machine manufacturing. This machine auto continue garlic peeler. We are garlic machinery India No 1 manufacturer. our every year new technology update in machine.

Garlic peeling machine is the ideal equipment for efficient removal of Garlic skin peeled, mainly used for process Garlic Paste, Garlic Powder, Garlic Pickle, Garlic juice. Use in pharmaceutical company, Restaurants, hotel & Caterers.ic peeling machine available in India only 5 machine. peeling capacity 300kg to 1000kg. demo in our company