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Adhering to complex and evolving transportation regulations, coordinating transportation across different channels, lack of optimization, and risk of theft or damage during transportation can pose significant challenges for companies. Having... Read More

BPO & ITES Employee Transport Management Solution – Asti Infotech

"Automated Scheduling and Routing: Dynamic route planning based on real-time data. Automated allocation of vehicles to minimize travel time and costs. GPS-based tracking for real-time monitoring of vehicle locations. Employee Safety and Security: Real-time alerts... Read More

Face Recognition Based Attendance – Asti Infotech

Facial recognition systems need a database or a pre-recorded data set to compare captured images and identify faces. A complete high-end configuration unit is installed in the institute and the... Read More

Employee Transport Automation (ETS)​ | Asti Infotech

Employee Transport Automation, A smart SaaS platform offering end-to-end automation of employee commute, leading to higher employee satisfaction, safer office commute, reduced fuel & maintenance expenses as well as enhanced... Read More