Vinodrai's EN Series for Entrepreneurial Efficiency

Enterprise series machines are single station bi-axial range specially developed for startups and entrepreneurs. Highly suitable for low and medium production of water storage tanks. Fuel efficient, low horsepower, low foot print, minimum maintenance & economic production.

Vinodrai’s EN series machine range was a pioneering effort in creating enterprise grade machine sufficient in itself to begin a new water tank manufacturing plant. Vinodrai also was the first in the industry to introduce a single station machine “EN 1000×2” with multi-station capabilities. EN-1000×2 is truly a multi-station capability machine which can mould two tanks of 1000 liters at a time or four tanks of 500 lit at a time. Resulting in increased productivity at lowest ever fuel cost.

Vinodrai Engineers offer a range of machines capable of producing tanks from 300 liters to 3000 liters Here are the various machines in the EN series:

EN-1000, EN-1000X2, EN-1000X4, EN-1500X2, EN-2000, EN-2000X2, EN-2000X2SP, EN-2500, EN-3000.

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