Vectra International & its services

Vectra International is an independent cooperative of experts. These experts can be found in over 24 countries. The name “VECTRA” stands for values, ethics, community or engagement, transparency, rights progress and action. There are 11 different sectors that can be found in the organization. Vectra, using its experience and its expertise, improves the client’s situation. The main aim is to maintain and achieve responsible competitiveness. The organization is known to help with strategy and delivery, site support, program management, crisis management and human capital assistance. In strategy and delivery, Vectra assists their clients with their strategic plan of actions that may go on for several years. Their strategies focus on effectiveness within the organization itself which in turn enables human capital. In site support, they assist clients in systematic improvement of their responsible business performance using a variety of techniques. They review their organizational DNA and lay it out with future goals in mind. In program management, clients are assisted by managing their companies contracting, allocation and administration from beginning to end. The crisis management team helps with crises and helps make an emergency response infrastructure. This also includes recovery post crisis. Lastly, in human capital assistance, Vectra assists clients in the selection and recruitment procedure of senior and executive members after partnering with the human resources department and external recruiters.