Tek-DP 1620A Cone Meter designed for RNG measurement

RNG projects under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard, which sets blending requirements for transport fuels. In June, the EPA increased the cellulosic biofuels mandate for 2023 to 840 million gallons, up from 630 million gallons in 2022. The mandate rises to 1.09 billion gallons for 2024 and 1.38 billion gallons for 2025.

Tek-Trol meters play a significant role in renewable natural gas (RNG) production and assists in the generation of renewable identification numbers (RINs). At the heart of RNG production, Tek-Trol cone meters play a pivotal role in offering:

Accurate Flow Measurement

Low Pressure Drops

Regulatory Compliance

Data for RIN Generation

Optimizing Greenhouse Gas Reduction

RNG production still holds only a small fraction of the Lower 48 natural gas market, contributing less than 200 MMcf/d with expectations to grow to 1.4 Bcf/d by 2050, according to data compiled in September by S&P Global Commodity Insights.