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Pressure sprayer are a gadget which assists with showering fluid like pesticides, manures or even water. kisankraft is India's driving maker of pressure sprayer and supplies all over India. visit:... Read More

Knapsack power sprayers are spraying equipment used in various farms and fields to protect crops from pests. It is widely applicable for spraying on rice, cotton and vegetables. Knapsack power sprayer... Read More

A seeder is a farm machine used in agriculture that sows seeds for crops by positioning them in the soil, burying them to a specific depth, and distributing seeds evenly.... Read More

HTP sprayer is an agricultural machine used for spraying liquid fertilizer for Mango gardens, grape, coffee and rubber estates. These sprayers are particularly used to spray tall trees and sanitize... Read More

Intercultivator is agriculture equipment used for secondary tillage activities. They are used in land with sufficient moisture. It is used for intercultivating, weeding, improving soil aeration and loosening the soil.... Read More

KisanKraft tea leaf harvester machine comes with a packing which automatically packs tea leaves. Manual harvesting requires more time, and the number of laborers to complete while using tea leaf... Read More

Baffle reaper is multipurpose agricultural equipment used to remove unwanted grass from the agriculture field and harvest crops such as wheat, paddy and trim crops like mulberry, weeds, grass in... Read More

Weeds are the main significant obstacles in paddy production. Paddy weeder is used for removing weeds. It is also used for breaking the soil crust and creation soil mulch. KisanKraft... Read More

KisanKraft offers a range of electric lawn mower that is best suited for the customers according to their needs and each suited for a particular lawn size and terrain. These... Read More

Rotary tiller or a rotovator is an machine used to perform various soil functions like mixing up, puddling and levelling up the soil at the same. Rotary tiller helps to... Read More