Proexcellency Provides Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training

Oracle Fusion Supply chain management refers to the management of the products and services flow right from the beginning of developing a product to the consumption. It also involves the movement and storage of the raw material, which are involved in the work process, inventory, and furnished goods. Its main aim is to relate and monitor the production, shipment, and distribution of products and services. Supply chain management uses different approaches and strategies in every step of the process for viewing the complete chain and working efficiently. Every step in the process aims to minimize the costs and helps the companies to enhance their performance while creating stakeholder and customer values. This process also can minimize the prices by avoiding unnecessary handling, movements, and expenses. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management is a cloud-based product developed by Oracle. It is used in managing supply and demand. It also manages the resources, demand, and material requirements. It combines business processes taking into account the changing needs of the supply chain of modern enterprises. It allows the deployment of increasing features at low cost, with maximum flexibility and
low risk. The key elements related to Oracle Fusion cloud SCM are manufacturing, inventory, cost management, order management, planning, global order promising, pricing, shipping execution, and product management.

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