Medical Device Manufacturer | Surgical Margins

⚫ Dilon Technologies® Inc., a medical device manufacturer based in Newport News, Virginia, strives to improve the quality of care by providing a wide range of innovative medical device technology that benefits patients around the world.
⚫ Dilon has a strong medical device portfolio which includes HEMOBLAST Bellows, the only combination powdered surgical hemostat that contains collagen, thrombin and chondroitin sulfate, MarginProbe, a groundbreaking technology for accurate margin assessment in breast cancer surgery, the Navigator System, a surgical gamma probe system for radio-guided lymphatic mapping and tumor localization, TrueView Pro 100, a specimen radiography system (SRS) that uses advanced radiography and automated software to precisely identify tumor lesions in resected or biopsied breast tissue, and the CoPilot, an innovative, portable, and easy to use video laryngoscope.

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