MCI FMGE EXAM-Key Performance Metrics and Statistics

The Indian Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) is a license exam. Indians and OCIs with foreign medical degrees must comply. Foreign medical graduates must pass the FMGE administered by the National Board of Examinations to practice in India.

The FMGE tests Indian medical graduates who studied abroad. Before being allowed to practice medicine in India, these individuals must meet specific requirements. This exam ensures patient safety and healthcare professional quality.

Key Performance Metrics and Statistics
FMGE pass percentage: The percentage of candidates who pass each session.
Country-wise Performance: FMGE performance by country, revealing medical education quality.
Trends Over Time: Pass rates and other metrics show how medical education and assessment have changed.
Analysis of Top-Performing Candidates: FMGE scorers’ common traits and backgrounds can help future test-takers.