Gartner Multi Experience|Multiexperience Development Platforms Gartner-Neutrinos

Read how multi-experience platforms add value to digital user experiences. Check how Neutrinos’ MXDP platform is the right solution for digital transformation.


Leaders in application development must adopt MXDP if they wish to cater to the myriad of user experience demands. These platforms equip citizens and professional developers with an array of front-end tools and back-end services that help them accommodate all client requirements and provide a complete experience.

MXDP can be called a developer’s superpower! They enable rapid and scalable development across devices and channels, ensuring seamless delivery of digital and ambient experiences. They are the best bet for your organization as they simplify the amount of effort behind your digital transformation process and give you more control over digital experiences.

What’s more, you can use MXDPs to create a single app to deploy on a wide range of devices responsively. Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, hails MXDP as the new generation of mobile application development platforms (MADP).

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