Elon Musk Visits China to Discuss Tesla’s Self-Driving Rollout

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had been all over the news by attending the session in Beijing. On that day, he highlighted the FSD software issues and problems of data transmission. Musk arranged a meeting with the Premier Li Qiang, during which they discussed Tesla as a symbol of the economic partnership between these two countries. The course meant a lot as the visit of Musk was an introduction of FSD by Tesla in China which is the second largest market of the company.

State media reported accusations of Musk’s business but could not confirm conversations on FSD or data transfers. From 2021, Tesla has been storing the data locally in full compliance with the Chinese regulations. On the other hand, Musk wants to get the permission to ship data out, thereby growing the intelligence level of Tesla’s autonomous driving systems. With this step, the company aims at excelling in autonomous vehicle technology.

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