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HR Software is an automated tool that helps to manage employee information and all the HR-related operations. HR software streamlines and optimizes Human Resource Management in ever evolving ways. This... Read More

“Gray-collar” employees are individuals who work in a job that includes some level of manual labor alongside a specific set of technical skills. These workers often have an associate degree... Read More

Form 12BB is the Investment declaration given to the employer in order to claim tax benefits. Form 12BB applies to all or any salaried taxpayers. This document rebates on investments... Read More

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A portion of an employee’s pay is held away to be reimbursed at a later period, known as deferred compensation. Taxes on this income are usually delayed until it is... Read More

In such cases, an online leave management system helps. A manual process is frequently to blame for higher salary costs and less-than-ideal employee output. Companies must opt for online leave... Read More

Automated payroll systems simplify complex tax calculations. The software protects data and minimizes errors. It also reduces the risk of information theft. Employees are kept in touch with company payroll... Read More

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Payroll systems are more common than we think and date back to the fourteenth century. Although it might not be the most thrilling aspect of running a business processing payroll,... Read More

In such cases, a re-designation letter is given to the employees in order to inform them about the same. The purpose of this letter is to re-designate the employee. This... Read More