Part of the cosmetic surgery experience is post-surgery recovery, which, of course, can vary greatly depending on the procedure you’ve had done. Even for simple procedures, a period of recovery is par for the course. With this guide, we’ll provide a general guide on tips for a quick recovery and things to watch out for post-surgery.

Rule #1

The number one rule of recovery is not to do too much too soon. Your body often needs rest following a procedure and fatigue is a common result of surgery. Don’t rush back to the activities of your everyday life. Rest, take your time, and slowly ease back into work and socialising.

Rule #2

It is encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle in the lead up to surgery by eating well, being physically active and cutting out smoking and drinking alcohol to put your body in the best condition for an intrusive procedure. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle post-surgery is also suggested. Staying hydrated is essential. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy food such as fruit and veg.